Holoeye SLM Thermal Management Systems

HOLOEYE Spatial Light Modulators are based on Liquid Crystal microdisplays. Physical properties of LC materials show a temperature dependence and a change in temperature may influence different optical SLM properties (phase shift, switching speed, phase stability…).

SLM displays have their own power dissipation, which varies between products and configurations. To keep the performance / temperature stable, an active thermal management system should be used.


HOLOEYE offers two different active thermal management systems. Both systems use a Peltier element for active temperature controlling. The TMS001 is equipped with a passive heat sink and the TMS 002 uses an actively water-cooled heat sink for higher temperature differences and higher power dissipation.

The HOLOEYE Thermal Management Systems act as a display mount. The systems are designed to fit with the current versions of the HOLOEYE PLUTO-2, GAEA-2, and the near future version of LETO Spatial Light Modulator series. The Systems are modular and can easily be exchanged dependent on requirements and applications.

Download PDF: Flyer SLM Thermal management Systems