AONano Laser

  • The AONano is our compact, diode-pumped solid-state, nanosecond Q-Switch laser that offers the broadest range of wavelengths, power/energy and gain medium choices in our extensive product portfolio. AONano is one of Advanced Optowave’s flagship product lines, and throughout our history it remains a strong performer.


The AONano Series is available in either Nd:YAG for high-energy applications or Nd:YVO4 for high repetition rate applications. We developed the AONano for high volume production environments where 24/7 reliable operations are required. Their compact form factor makes them easy to integrate into automated production tools. Depending on your application we have output power options ranging from 500 mW all the way up to 50 watts, energies up to 10 mJ and full control of the repetition rate from single-shot to 1 MHz. All of the AONano systems can be externally triggered and controlled remotely via an RS-232 communication link.

The AONano of lasers are available at a number of different wavelengths, we offer 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, and 266 nm as standard products and we can provide customer systems at 213 nm, making it one of the few lasers on the market today to offer so many wavelength choices.

The wavelength flexibility coupled with high quality beam and high output performance enables the AONano Series to provide efficient material processing of virtually any material in medical device manufacturing for stent manufacturing or UID marking or PCB singulation, in the semiconductor industry for wafer marking or dicing or repair, in additive manufacturing for stereo lithography or sintering, medical therapies/biosciences for glucose monitoring devices or microfluidics for drug analysis and the defense sector for advanced R&D.