• Since founded in 1999 we put our endeavor into building a specialized business, focusing on the application of lasers and NANO/MEMS with highest quality. With the laser micro-machining system and LD laser system at our research center, we have been dedicating ourselves to develop a total laser solution such as solar cell scribing, hole drilling, laser patterning, welding, and grooving tools. As one of the leading laser system integrators of photovoltaic industry, we promise to provide the best products worldwide with respect to value, performance, range, and efficiency.
  • Thanks to ceaseless encouragement from our customers and partners over the world, we have greatly achieved so much success to place KORTherma mong the best companies in the laser micro-machining sector.
  • By responding to our customer’s needs more proactively with continuous efforts in R&D and management innovation, we will keep growing to be the world’s leading company in the laser micro-machining sector.


Ju-Sam Byeon,


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